WP2 – Activity and trends of large landslides


Starting from previous knowledge (e.g. IFFI database update, Regione Lombardia; focused research applications, Crosta et al., 2013, Frattini et al 2013; Tamburini et al 2015), we will exploit satellite radar interferometry products (PS-InSAR, SqueeSAR) and new data obtained by state-of-the-art processing of new generation sensors (e.g. Sentinel) to develop novel approaches to:

  • identify statistical descriptors suitable for a precise characterization of the state and style of activity of large slow-moving landslides;
  • achieve an objective identification of sub-areas with different kinematic and activity. These will be validated through geological, geomorphological and morpho-structural data collected in WP1;
  • extract and analyze displacement-time series allowing to characterize middle-term trends of slow-moving or apparently “quiescent” large landslides;
  • characterize the general kinematics of active large landslides.